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About Us

We were pumped to start this business. Now we're really pumped up!

AAA Pump Service launched on July 5, 1993, with a pickup truck, a $100 computer and a vision of what good service should be. The vision was right. Today the organization has 15 people united in their desire to make customers happy. We continue to grow rapidly through word of mouth. Today AAA is one of the leading pump system sales and service firms in New England.

The AAA Team

Paul Croteau
Founder and President

Paul is always busy specifying pumps, providing technical support and training associates. In addition to making sure his team has the training and tools they need to deliver AAA service, he supports them in filling their expanding roles in a growing company. Mr. Croteau also consults with engineers and facilities managers to provide expertise in commercial, industrial and municipal pump system operations.

Nikki Frizzell
Marketing and Sales Manager

Nikki cheerfully supports AAA Pump Service employees and vendors with administrative, sales and technical assistance. She is the go-to girl when questions arise and information needs to get to the right people. Whether you need the right person for a job, the required technical information or just have a general question about a project, Nikki will be happy to help you.

Joseph Croteau
Senior Service Technician

Joe Croteau has been a key player at AAA Pump Service for over 10 years. He is a licensed electrician and continually undergoes formal training and certification programs. From a young age, Joe was personally trained by his father, Paul Croteau, to rebuild pumps and install pump stations. Today he is a driving force in the success of AAA Pump Service. If you have an electrical question or want to know how rebuilding your pump could save you money, Joe will be happy to help. His high standards of product quality and service excellence help maintain the tradition of AAA's leadership in the market.
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