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Common Problems

If you don't find your problem/solution hereā€¦ Call AAA Pump Service at (603) 645-8610.

FYI, we offer the "Dirty Half-Dozen." These are the most common pump-related problems that afflict homeowners. Review our suggestions and call us if you don't find the solution you need. (603) 645-8610

The Dirty Half-Dozen problems: Alarm is going off
An alarm going off indicates a rising water level in your wet well, which houses your sewage pump. If the water's rising, the pump is not working.

Common Causes Fixes
A circuit breaker has tripped, shutting off power to the pump. Check your circuit breakers or, in older homes, your fuse box.
A pump control has failed. Unless you know how to safely test an electrical device's functioning, call AAA Pumps.
The generator has failed, and the pump no longer has power. Unless you know how to safely test an electrical device's functioning, call AAA Pump.
Power failed The alarm may be powered by battery backup, or a temporary power failure may have thrown a circuit breaker. Check your breakers. If they're all engaged yet the pump does not work, call AAA Pump.
The pump is clogged Call AAA Pump. Clogs require that the power to the wet well be disengaged, the chamber pumped and a worker enter the chamber, all of which are best done following specialized safety training.

In all cases in which you're able to restore operation, give the pump a few minutes to pump down.

Electrical bill is high Sewage is bubbling up Toilet won't flush, or flushes and backs up Water is backing up Feel free to call AAA if you experience any problems not easily identified and corrected. (603) 645-8610
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