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Residential Pump Services

What if flow is a no-go? No humps or bumps when it comes to the pumps!

Call AAA Pump Service for sewerage pumps and all related needs. (603) 645-8610 AAA Pump Service specializes in everything related to the pumps your sewer and septic systems use to move material through pipes. Call AAA when your pump system fails, requires service, or you need a new pump. (603) 645-8610

We promise quick response, fast turnaround and your total satisfaction!

Service plans can catch a problem before it stinks!

Sewage pump stations sit in acidic environments that can wreak havoc on untended mechanical and electrical equipment. The best way to avoid unexpected problems (and expensive repairs) is to inspect for trouble before it happens. Call AAA for thorough inspections and accurate reports.


We clean wet wells and pump stations - thoroughly!

Pumps and their controls sit in "wet wells" that require periodic cleanings apart from the larger sewage or septic system. AAA Pump Service Contracts keep your wet wells clean. Call us at (603) 645-8610 to discuss costs and a schedule that makes sense for your operation.

Periodic wet well inspections prevent nasty surprises!

Monitoring - Technology that keeps you informed
Install an electronic sentinel in your system. Remote monitoring catches system failures right away. The monitor automatically telephones a technician for assistance. Failures may result from many causes: loss of electrical power or malfunctions in generators; broken seals, pumps or controls; clogs and more. Monitoring detects them all to alert us to problems and minimize downtime.


We take personal responsibility for our work. It's the only way to do business!
We warranty the parts and labor of anything we install for one year. We are insistent about doing our job right the first time and every time!

We're here for all of your pump sales, service, and engineering questions.
In case of an emergency we're on call 24 hours a day!
Call us any time (603) 645-8610.
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