Commercial Pump Services | Manchester, Somersworth & Dover, NH

AAA Pump Service keeps your buildings' pump systems working!

A failed pump system can shut down a business and make life hard for a lot of people! Whether you run a restaurant or an office complex, if you're the person they turn to for solutions, be their hero. Call AAA and get it fixed fast.

AAA Pump Service specializes in everything related to the pumps your sewer and septic systems use to move material through pipes. We are the ones to call when pumps need replacing or fail to produce the proper flow through pipes.

Reach us fast at (603) 645-8610.

  • For new pumps, ask for service.
  • For maintenance and repairs, ask for service.

We promise quick response, fast turnaround and your total satisfaction

We promise quick response, fast turnaround and your total satisfaction

  • Always on call - 24/7
  • Emergency response ready
  • In house machine shop with Dynamic Balancing and CNC machining
  • Fully equipped, factory trained and highly experienced technical teams
  • Complete licensed electrical services provided as needed
  • Professional, courteous and respectful service
  • Fully ensured and bonded

What's your problem? We'll fix it fast! AAA Pump Service addresses these common problems:

  • Alarm is going off
  • Electrical bill is high
  • Sewage bubbles up
  • Toilet won't flush or backs up
  • Water backs up
  • Drain line flow issues

We'll calculate and recommend the ideal system for difficult engineering issues:

  • Challenging high head applications
  • Long distance pumping applications
  • Low pressure systems
  • Multi low-pressure systems

We're here for all of your commercial facility pump service, installation and engineering needs. In case of an emergency we're on call 24 hours a day! Call us any time (603) 645-8610.